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Where To Spend Your Calories Wisely

Summer is finally here and whether you are on vacation or a local, everyone knows that Seasons 52 is the place to be. New locations are popping up left and right and San Diego has two convenient hot spots to cater to your every need.

Westfield UTC Shopping Center, Seasons 52, Fine Dining, San Diego, Sophisticated Eats

San Diego Fine Dining, Seaport District, Healthy Eating, Seasons 52

Whether its sipping on a crafty cocktail in the bar or hitting the patio for a fire pit friendly gathering, Seasons 52 aims to please.

Seasons 52 Aims to Please AWARDS

  • Sophisticated Atmosphere: Fresh Grill and Wine Bar
  • Items on the menu are said to be under 475 Calories
  • Nutritionally balanced meals changing with the (4) Seasons
  • An Award-Winning International Wine List
Feeling like Goldilocks and the 3 little bears, this is the place to go if you are feeling a fair sized portion of food that will leave you feeling "JUST RIGHT". 

Planning a party? Seasons 52 makes it easy for you to host. Reservations are simple with Open Table, a super convenient service that is an on-line, real time reservation system. 

We visited Seasons 52 a few weeks ago for the second time and were very pleased with the friendly service and relaxing environment. Opting to go for something we haven't tried before we ordered a grilled chicken caprese sandwich and bleu cheese buffalo burger with a few sides. 

Seasons 52, Westfield UTC shopping center, fine dining, San Diego,

Seasons 52, Westfield UTC shopping center, fine dining, San Diego,

Do you or someone you know have special dining needs and hate eating out because of them?

Seasons 52 comes to the rescue with their alternative menus. Did you know they have such a thing? Some featured menus include: Lactose/Dairy Sensitive, Sodium Friendly, Gluten-Sensitive, Garlic-Sensitive, Vegetarian and Vegan. Still not convinced? Follow Seasons 52.

We would love to know....what is your favorite meal at Seasons 52? 

Quick Tip

Make Reservations! Let's be real....nothing is more frustrating then arriving at your destination with "hanger" pains and have to wait in line. This place gets PACKED, save yourself the long wait and book on-line or call. 

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